I have been tagged by MMMM to write about the top 5 things that I love about being a mother and then tag other bloggers in turn, both in the same country and those in a different country (Around the world in 80 clicks).

A lot of my old-timer friends (and thankfully, I still have plenty of those!) may remember me from pre-mommy era – I don’t. As I recount how I am now, I don’t remember much of those earlier hazy times, except perhaps for the fact that I existed, ate and slept at will, did terribly outrageous things without *any* guilt trips, and was actually Thin – with a Flat abdomen.

I confess then that I am nearly 100% mommy now- even though I realise that it is a pretty boring admission. No wonder that I wait for the day when I become a redundant mum!

The moment that tiny pulsating (yes, that’s the word) purple heel was thrust into my face, I was transmorphed. I shed my earlier lives, shapes and personae like so much slough and I became a MOMMY aka Amma. My first baby was all I dreamt of and more- she was the embodiment of all my magnificent projections, my maternal dream come true. It was at that moment, when the hormones were doing their crazy rollercoaster ride with oxytocin shoving against  endorphin and adrenaline while newbie prolactin still struggled to get a foothold, when I was bloody with birth and the more painful and prolonged afterbirth, I realised what motherhood was – and I fell in love with my own mother, all over again. It was as if by becoming a mother myself, I had discovered the ancient secret of motherhood passed on through meiosis from mother to daughter cells. It was like the unlocking of the entire DNA series for me – a moment of tremendous revelation, far more significant than any Knowledge discovered by any of the Ancients (males!). The bond I shared with my mother and all the women who had birthed before me, grew stronger with the cutting of the umbilical cord of my first born. The cord was my link in the larger female chain. The first joy motherhood gave me was a reinforcement of my love for my mother.

The second most significant thing about my becoming a mother was that I learnt the extent of my own frailty and mortality and how I was intricately linked to the rest of Creation – See, even rabbits do it! Bringing forth another life, nurturing and caring for it, adding my bit to the human gene pool – yes, I like! ;)

My becoming a mother has also led to my loving my own body – testing it to its limits, straining it, pleasuring in it and revelling in my body. The pleasures, which a baby (in the womb and thereafter) affords, are vastly different, (and I dare say, superior) to any other forms of physical pleasure. The fact that this pleasure is afforded after or with a lot of pain, makes it only much sharper and richer. The utter lassitude of lying down for a nap, in a state of wake-sleepiness, with my baby lying half-crushed next to me, that is, for me, heaven.

Motherhood has given me the riches of unconditional love from my children, something I treasure so dearly. I love being the ‘best-iest mother in the world’! It has given me a cocoon of my own in which I can be the sower,  weeder, reaper, all together. We all delight in being a single, nearly organic  unit – mum and kids. Our lil’ patch is the greenest. :)

Motherhood has also shown me a love whose depth and breadth I could never have imagined  lay within me. When I was pregnant (a bit reluctantly, I admit) with my second baby, I wanted a perfect replica of my delightfully perfect daughter. What I got instead is a son, whom I hadn’t wanted. Yet that baby, in the typical selfish way of babies, demanded all my love, made me even shun my first-born to be able to nurse him. And in return, he has taught me so much love, has showered on me so much of his grace and taught me how I am capable of loving different babies of mine so differently. He has shown me the value of cherishing each gift, howsoever different it may be from what I had hoped for. With his birth, my motherhood acquired distinct dimensions which surprised even me. Even before I could come out of the influence of the anaesthesia, I was the archetypal Mom-from-Hell, taking on the world for securing a fighting chance for my little cherub! The ferocity with which I took on the doctors and the world at large could only be matched by the tenderness I felt for my baby.

These are just some of the physical and emotional perks I have from being the mother to my darlings.

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